Mechanical Engineering

We accompany the technical offices in achieving their challenges; providing reliable, practical and effective mechanical engineering solutions.

We work with companies in the bodybuilding sector, machinery manufacturers and the metallurgical sector.

We can work in closed budgets or by bags of hours. We always maintain constant contact with the client, making weekly meetings if necessary. Providing the flexibility that is needed to ensure the completion of the project within the deadline.

We have separated into 3 levels the work areas where we offer our mechanical engineering services, so we adapt to the role that the client needs the most. The engineering of Transversal can collaborate in the three levels or only in the phases that are required of the project.

We are passionate about the world of engineering; this fact helps us to strive to continue improving day by day.

Our ultimate goal is to have our customers satisfied. That's why we work on continuous improvement to guarantee an excellent service and is up to date with the latest changes.

We have developed a methodology of our own work that allows us to reduce deadlines and work in a synchronized manner.

This methodology allows us to detect errors in their initial phase and solve them before moving on to the critical phase.

Our strengths:

- Development of new products.
- The mechanical design of machinery and bodies.
- Industrialization projects of the product range.
- Mechanical calculations and simulations by finite elements.
- Design of manufacturing tools.
- Re-mechanical engineering of machines.